Incfile Review: LLC Formation and Registered Agent

Incfile has been a popular web-based business formation service. This is a quick and simple way to start a business, without having to hire an attorney.

Since 2004, Incfile has helped more than half a million companies launch.

Incfile is a pioneer in business formation and offers exceptional customer service to entrepreneurs looking for assistance with registering a business.

This service provider is well-known for its low prices. Incfile is actually free to help you form your business (more details later).

Are you unsure if Incfile is right to meet your needs? You’ve reached the right place. This section will provide information about the pricing, packages and other details that you should know before you make a decision. Find out what Incfile customers have to say about Incfile.

Incfile Business Formation Services

Incfile’s business formation services are divided into three categories: LLC services, incorporation and registered agent services. Each of these will be covered in more detail below.

Incfile LLC Services

Incfile is simple when it comes to creating a limited liability company (LLC). They guide you through the entire process online in just a few simple steps.

Incfile offers everything you need to start your LLC, whether you want the basics or a custom-made kit.

Incfile offers the following services with every LLC package:

  • Searches for unlimited company names
  • Preparation and filing of articles
  • Next-business day processing
  • Register agent services (free for a year)

All of these services are available at Incfile’s lowest price plan. You just need to pay the state fees. Incfile is a great place to start a LLC.

You have three options for LLC packages:

  • Silver — $0 + State Fee
  • Gold — $149 + State Fee
  • Platinum — $299 + State Fee

You can still get the Silver package if you have a tight budget but only need the basics from the bulleted list. This package also includes a year of registration agent services, as mentioned previously.

The Silver package does not include an employer ID/tax ID (EIN). This is something you will definitely need so it makes sense that you get it from Incfile. This can be added to your Silver package at $70

The Gold plan also includes several premium services. These include an EIN, preparation, filing and submission of IRS Form 2553, an Operating Agreement, Banking Resolution, Express Shipping, and a Business Formation Kit.

The Platinum package includes additional perks such as business contract templates, email service, expedited file, business name registration, and an enhanced version of the business formation kit.

Some of the Platinum features, such as the free domain or email service, are not necessary. These are features you should look elsewhere.

The cost of the state fee will vary depending on where you live. You can easily see the exact figures on Incfile’s website by selecting your state. The pricing of all services is transparent and straightforward.

Incfile also offers assistance with trademarks, certificates of good standing, DBA names (doing business under) and research for business licenses.

Incfile is a free service that allows you to register an LLC. This is the best value on the internet. The Gold package is my recommendation, and it includes everything you need to create your LLC.

Incfile Incorporation Services

Incfile offers exceptional incorporation services. They can be used to create a C-Corporation or S-Corporation or a non-profit corporation.

The Incfile entry-level Silver package is also 100% free for incorporation services. No matter what type of entity you want to form, you will only have to pay the state fee (prices vary depending on the state).

This plan is free and includes preparation and filing of the articles of incorporation, unlimited name availability searches, and unlimited name search.

Registering agent services are also included for free the first year.

Despite this, the free plan doesn’t include some of the necessary services to incorporate. The Gold package costs $149 plus taxes and includes an EIN, IRS form 2553, corporate bylaws, a state fee, and more.

The Gold package includes a business kit and express shipping. It’s a great deal. Incfile offers a Platinum package for $299 plus state fees. This package includes expedited filing and faster shipping.

Incfile’s incorporation services are also very useful. They have so many details about each type of entity. You can learn all you need from Incfile’s website, even if you have never created a C-corp or S-corp.

A dedicated learning center is also available with guides and research tools. There are seemingly unlimited resources for incorporations.

Incfile can be a cost-effective option to hiring a traditional lawyer to help you launch a C-Corp or S-Corp.

Incfile Registered Agent Services

Incfile offers registered agent services in all 50 states. They will help you to manage important legal documents and avoid errors in your filings.

Each LLC and corporation must have a registered agent. It makes sense to also use Incfile’s registered agents if you are using their incorporation services. Incfile also offers registered agent services for existing businesses. It’s easy to change registered agents regardless of where you are located.

Here is a brief overview of the benefits and services that Incfile registered agents can offer:

  • Always available during business hours
  • You can receive mail correspondence from the IRS and states
  • Accessible to receive documents or legal proceedings on behalf your LLC/corporation
  • Send SMS and email alerts when documents are received
  • Automated mail forwarding to legal correspondence, documents and other information

The online dashboard is my favorite feature of Incfile’s registered agent services.

Everything you need can be managed online from any location with Internet access.

The first year of registration agent services is free if Incfile is used to create an LLC, S-Corp or C-Corp. The rate will then renew at $119 per annum.

Incfile’s registered agents services are highly praised by customers. It seems that Incfile’s registered agent services are the reason business owners continue to trust them over the long-term, judging by the reviews and testimonials on their website.

It’s great to get a free registered agent, but many customers tell us how they have used Incfile for years, long after the complimentary year is over. Businesses are encouraged to stay with Incfile even if they have the opportunity to search elsewhere after the first year.

Incfile’s registered agents services are excellent for helping you to avoid missing deadlines, non-compliance issues, fines and non-compliance issues, as well as managing paperwork and responding quickly to lawsuits.

This allows you to concentrate on your business and let them handle the small details. You will be notified immediately by email or SMS if there is an important situation.

Value and overall pricing

This guide has included information about Incfile’s pricing. I’d like to give you a deeper explanation of the rates and packages.

These are the plans that you have to choose from, regardless of whether you’re setting up an LLC or a corporation.

Silver — $0 + State Fee

  • Prepare and file articles for your organization
  • Search for unlimited names
  • For the first year, no registration fee
  • Resignation and statement by the organizer
  • Resignation and statement of the incorporator**
  • Online status tracking
  • Online document access
  • Lifetime company alerts
  • Standard state filing
  • Electronic document delivery

Gold — $149 + State Fee

  • All Silver services
  • EIN/tax ID
  • Operating agreement
  • Form 2553 of the IRS
  • Operating agreement
  • Banking resolution
  • Express shipping
  • Unlimited email and phone support
  • Bylaws for corporations**
  • Minutes of the Corporation Organizational Meeting**

Platinum — $299 + state fee

  • All Gold Services
  • Templates for business contracts
  • No cost domain name
  • Email service free
  • Extended filing

**Services that are specific to corporations

The Gold package offers the most value overall. To form an LLC, or incorporate, you will need an EIN. This is not included in the Silver plan.

It is easy to see how some people might be attracted by the Silver package’s “free” element. The $149 plus the state fees for the Gold package is a very small price to pay when you want to start a business.

The Platinum package is not necessary for most people. You shouldn’t be tempted by the free domain or email service. These are services that you should get directly from the web hosting provider and not a business formation company. If you are in a hurry, expedited filing is the only thing that really matters.

User Experience

Incfile is easy to use. It is easy to get started by navigating to the website and choosing the type of entity you want (LLC, Scorp, C-corp or nonprofit), as well as selecting your state.

Incfile will automatically generate state fees based upon the entity that you have created.

Everything is easy once you have signed up and chosen your plan. Incfile’s dashboard makes it easy to enter information about your business and then manage it from there.

Online tracking of the formation status is possible. You can access the dashboard to view important documents once you have been officially registered. If you have an urgent matter, your registered agent will contact you by SMS or email.

Overall, the interface is very clean and easy to use.

Customer Support

Another benefit of the Incfile Gold plans is unlimited telephone and email support. The Incfile team is available to help you with any question or assistance, no matter how small.

Telephone support is available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. CST.

Incfile also offers outstanding registered agent services, as I mentioned previously. This service is human-touched and worth mentioning.

Register agent can send documentation to you on your behalf.

Many of the reviews left by existing customers are positive about Incfile’s customer service. However, there were a few people who weren’t completely satisfied. A few people complained that they couldn’t reach an agent in recent reviews. These reviews were a few exceptions to the majority of reviews.

Final Verdict

Incfile is a great resource for anyone looking to create an LLC, C-Corp or S-Corp.

These services are a cost-effective alternative to hiring a lawyer. You only need to pay the state fees for some of their services.

Register to receive registered agent services for one year when you sign up for Incfile’s business formation programs. This is a great deal that you can’t pass up.

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