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Northwest Registered Agent is a leader in the area of business formation.

Do not let the name fool you. Northwest Registered Agent offers a wide range of services to businesses in all 50 states, including registered agent services.

This company is well-known for providing exceptional customer service. Northwest Registered Agent is family-owned. Although the company has over 700 representatives nationwide, it still adheres to the “small business” principle.

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Northwest Registered Agent stands out from other online business formation services. Northwest RA is a family-owned business, they do not have investors or partners and will protect your privacy. Northwest tops our list of best LLC services.

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Northwest Registered Agent is a great choice if you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to create your LLC or corporation.

Continue reading for more information about pricing and plans as well as real customer reviews.

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I loved my experience with this company. My rep, Katie Taylor, was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful with my business. I learned so much from her and she made me so comfortable and excited to move forward with my plans! If I could give more than 5 stars, I would…
Kate Freimanis,
I worked with Arnold this morning on setting up an LLC and the experience was flawless. Arnold was extremely professional and answered all of my many questions. He stayed with me on the phone throughout the whole registration to ensure I …

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Northwest Registered Agent Business Formation Services

Northwest Registered Agent is most well-known for its business formation services. These services can be divided into three categories: LLC services, incorporation services, and registered agent services.

Below, we’ll be taking a closer look at each of them with an in-depth analysis of the services.

Northwest Registered Agent LLC Services

Northwest Registered Agent makes it simple for anyone to create an LLC regardless of where they live. Although the process for forming an LLC is the same in all states, each state has its own filing requirements.

Once you’ve selected a state, they will walk you through all the details for your area.

Here’s an example: If you are looking to create an LLC in California, this is what you will see.

Anyone who wishes to register an LLC independently can find detailed information from Northwest Registered Agent. The documents can be downloaded for free online and you can follow the instructions to register your LLC.

This option is great for DIY lovers. The instructions are easy to follow, even if you have never done this before.

Northwest Registered Agent can handle the entire filing process for you. This service is more popular than doing it yourself.

You have two options: their regular formation service or their VIP Service.

The regular service walks you through the process in a few easy steps. This includes choosing the right business name, contact information, and member information. You can choose between standard or express filing at the beginning. Select “Pay Up Front” in the “How Do I Want To Be Billed” section to get regular formation.

The filing fee is $100 and the registered agent service is $125 respectively.

You have the option to add additional services before you pay.

  • EIN (tax ID) $50
  • Premium mail forwarding (digital scanning or physical forwarding)  $40
  • Virtual office  $49.
  • Certificate of Good Standing — The fee varies from one state to the next
  • Certificated copy of LLC documents (with state stamp)  Fee varies from one state to the next
  • FMOC-3 filing  $125
  • FCC 499-A Registration  $125

You can even get apostilles to do business in foreign countries and a second phone number. You can also expedite the filing process depending on your state. While you’ll need an EIN, most people will be able to skip any additional fees.

After you have placed your order, Northwest Registered Agent’s professional filers will begin reviewing your information. You’ll be contacted immediately if there is an error or any questions.

Your online account will allow you to track the order’s status. Northwest Registered Agent will also keep you updated via email.

At the beginning of the LLC creation wizard, you can sign up to receive VIP Service from a Northwest Registered agent. Select “Pay Monthly” in the “How Do I Want To Be Backed?” section. You’ll see the filing fee, registration fee, and EIN. This low monthly fee varies by state.

You pay the Northwest Registered Agent back for filing smaller amounts.

The VIP Service cannot be customized as an add-on, unlike regular LLC formation services. The VIP Service covers everything.

  • Register Agent
  • EIN
  • Address for business
  • Bylaws/operating agreement
  • Banking resolution
  • Limited mail forwarding

The VIP Service is a great way for registered agents to continue their services beyond year 1. It’s also very affordable.

Anyone who is interested in forming an LLC will find Northwest Registered Agent to be a great choice. They can help you do it yourself or you can hire a Northwest Registered Agent to manage everything.

Northwest Registered Agent Incorporation Services

Northwest Registered Agent is also very popular for incorporation services. This website provides a wealth of information and resources about how to get started.

Northwest Registered Agent will help you incorporate your company in the same way as LLC services.

You can download incorporation documents online and complete it yourself for free. Although this is a nice option, many people prefer to hire a Northwest Registered Agent to manage everything.

Northwest Registered Agent can help you start a C, S, or non-profit corporation. You can pay upfront for their regular service, starting at $225 plus any state fees. You can also add essentials such as an EIN to your order for $50, or any other useful but not necessary extras.

VIP Service fees include state filing fees, registered agent services, and filing service fees. The monthly cost is based on where you are filing. To spread the cost of filing and keep registered agent services available, you simply pay Northwest Registered Agent monthly.

Northwest Registered Agents can help you get up and running quickly, no matter if you are forming a Ccorp, Scorp, or nonprofit.

Northwest Registered Agent offers Registered Agent Services

Northwest Registered Agent’s registered agent services are well-known, as you can see from the name. These services are unmatched by any other registered agents currently on the market.

This service is available in all 50 US states.

Northwest Registered Agent does more than what is required of registered agents. They offer all the essential services such as:

  • An address physical in your state
  • Accessible during regular business hours
  • Acceptance of service of process for your business

They also offer premium services for no extra cost, such as:

  • Corporate Guides are local experts who answer questions and offer assistance
  • Notifications to the state about compliance
  • Pre-filled forms specific to each state for quick and easy filing
  • Local scans are available the same day
  • Forward your mail for free
  • Secure online access to documents and document storage

This is the best service available for corporations and LLCs on the internet. It costs $125 per annum and comes standard with all business formation packages. You can also get bulk discounts. The rate for five or more states is $100/year.

If you already own a business, Northwest Registered Agent makes switching agents easy.

This shouldn’t be surprising, considering that the business name includes “registered agent”.

Overall Pricing and Value

Northwest Registered Agent offers transparent pricing for all its services. No matter if you are forming an LLC, corporation or partnership, the base price remains the same. The filing service costs $100 plus state fees and $125 for registered agent services.

The registered agent service is mandatory, unlike other online business formation services. Although it is listed on your order as an additional line item, you cannot remove it or get a registered agent from another source (although I can see why).

They do not offer any different pricing tiers, or bundles. You only need to pay the base rate and any add-ons as necessary. Popular extras include:

  • EIN (tax ID), $50
  • A certified copy of documents — $109
  • Premium mail forwarding — $40
  • Virtual office — $49.
  • Certificate of Good Standing — Prices vary by state
  • FMOC-3 filing — $125
  • FCC 499-A Registration — $125

Northwest Registered Agent is generally not the most affordable business formation service you will find online. This is especially true if you add upsells to your order.

Despite this, you are getting better value for your money. The starting rates may seem high if you compare Northwest Registered Agent’s entry-level plans to other competitors. However, if you compare the packages side-by-side you will see that Northwest Registered Agent offers the best value for your buck.

You can also opt for the VIP Service which bundles together filing fees, EIN and registered agent services into one monthly bill. While this can vary from one state to the next (since you are basically paying Northwest Registered Agent back each month), many states have monthly rates as low as $30-40 for both LLCs or corporations.

Northwest Registered Agent also offers free services. You can register your LLC/corporation online. They will guide you through the process, and even provide free documents specific to your state.

User Experience

One word can describe the user experience at Northwest Registered Agent: simple.

Everything is clear and simple. It is easy to use, clean, and allows you to get started quickly. Northwest Registered Agent will automatically provide you with the state-specific information once you have selected your state and type of entity. You will find information about tax rates in your state and required documentation to open a bank account.

The best thing about the user experience? You can jump ahead and view other sections as you sign up.

Many business formation services require you to create an account, provide information about your company and then move on to the next step. These restrictions are not enforced by Northwest Registered Agent.

You can also skip ahead and see the total cost of the order including any add-ons or state fees before you create an account. Some services aren’t quite as transparent and you might be able to sneak the information in at the end of your order when it’s time for payment (after you have spent a lot of time filling out forms).

The entire process can be completed in less than ten seconds, from start to finish.

Customer Support

The customer service of Northwest Registered Agents is unsurpassed.

You will get a response when you call. Because they don’t have telephone trees, the agent you speak to will be able help you and not have to forward you to another person. They will return calls within two hours if you call their voicemail. They will never send you a “no reply” email. However, you can always contact them via email if there is a question. All emails are answered within one business day. All support operations are 100% US-based.

All business formations and services with a registered agent come with ‘Corporate guides’. These business experts are located all over the country and can provide local insight related to your business. They can answer any questions you may have.

Northwest Registered Agent is a family-owned business and they state that they will never sell your data.

They will not allow payments to stop them from providing outstanding service. Northwest Registered Agent knows that mistakes can happen, especially with online payments. They never charge late fees.

Their customer service is outstanding. This is something I cannot emphasize enough. You won’t believe it if you don’t give them a phone call or send them an e-mail with a general question.

Final Verdict

We can recommend Northwest Registered Agent. It’s an excellent option for anyone who wants to incorporate or form an LLC.

They provide transparent pricing and exceptional customer service.

Northwest Registered Agent offers free document downloads and guides you through the entire process, even if you prefer to file your documents yourself.

These services are hard to criticize.

Visit Northwest Registered Agent

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